Selected Compositions
 A friendly legal note — if you want to use my pieces for any reason, please kindly contact me first. I'm almost always happy to help, but it's still impolite (and also very illegal) to use other people's copyrighted works without permission.
— Extrapolative Precessional —
 a piece for 4-5 octave English Handbell choir, composed in 2017 and revised in 2021. Audio available below.
Premiered August 6, 2017.  | Audio and score ©2017-2021 Tom C. Smith — All rights reserved. | Contact for permission to reproduce.
— More pieces to be added soon! —
Sorry for any inconvenience — the site is still under construction. I have a few more pieces to add and will be doing so as soon as I can. Thanks friends!
— Senior Concert, Spring 2021 —
My senior undergraduate concert premiered two pieces I composed over the past year: Sonata No. 1 in C for the Piano ("Classical") and Three Songs for Soprano. The pieces were performed by my friends Max Fritz and Linda Hiort at the University of Texas at Dallas, now my alma mater.
Premiered May 21, 2021.  | Music and video ©2021 Tom C. Smith — All rights reserved. | Contact for permission to reproduce.
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